Walgreens to Try Out Loyalty Cards This Spring in 3-4 Unnamed Markets

Well looky looky, I thought this would happen. However, I wrote about it last June and nothing happened so maybe it’s all just hearsay!

According to Chief Executive Greg Wasson of Walgreens, “One strategy that could help drive sales is a loyalty card. Walgreen plans to test different loyalty strategies, all including cards at first, in three to four unnamed markets this spring, he said.”

As it’s a Chicago-based company, me thinks Chicago may be a test zone.  I can’t decide how I feel about this.  I’ve just got RRs down but I do hate the fact that you can’t always easily roll them and sometimes I get hassled.

How about you: YAY or NAY on the Walgreens Loyalty Card?


  1. Nutrition Fruition says:

    I say Nay because the most significant reason I prefer Walgreen's Register Rewards over CVS' ECBs is that although there may be a transaction limit, there is no household limit on deals. When there is a really good RR deal, I may go back several times that week to maximize my savings, whereas you can't do that with CVS' card.

  2. Sooooooooo true. And the fact that the RR's expire in a very short 2 week window too!

    Wonder how this would work? Hopefully similar to CVS but with a longer window on expiration would be AWESOME!! And minus the limit thing too! LOL

  3. I might like a loyalty card. I have pretty much quit going to Walgreens because the RRs expire too quickly, and because I have thought that they were not friendly toward couponers. I'd be interested in seeing how their card would work.

  4. Nay Nay Nay! Marge, many grocery stores take RRs, because they are manufacturer coupons.

  5. NAY – NAY – I like being able to make multiple trips to Walgreens to get "Free" deals. I dislike that CVS limits me to how many of their deals I can get.

  6. Really!!!? I have never heard that before. What grocery stores?

  7. I like the idea of a loyalty card – I prefer shopping at CVS vs WAGS at this point, since I often "spend more" at WAGS to get the same stuff (since you have to add filler when you use RR). I'd love to see non-MQs from WAGS!

  8. My mom takes them to Jewel in the Chicagoland area and they take them just like manufactures coupons. She loves it and it really pays for her.

  9. Mommy Brain says:

    I say Nay! Just like others I love that there is no household limit on rewards…I go to Walgreens several times a week when the rewards are great and only go to CVS once because of the limits. I sure hope this isn't where they are heading.

  10. I don't like this at all. I don't want limits and I am sure that is what will happen with this.

    Marge-I know Jewel will take my register rewards.

  11. Kathryn and Kevin says:

    Jewel takes RRs; not sure who else though. There are way too many cards out there. It's nice not to have to use one!

  12. I think this would be good for walgreens because it would help them out. Many people take advantage of the RR and in the end Walgreens is being screwed over! the RR were meant to help people save money and get deals, but there are many people that try to cheat the system! Also, for the person that says walgreens was unfriendly to couponers, you should try another location..many of the stores cosmetic depts. even have coupons there, you just have to ask!

  13. While I don't like the short expiration dates on the RR, I definitely like that they don't limit how many times I can do a deal. I hope my area doesn't get the *test*

  14. Kris Peterson says:

    I have used the RR at Meijer with no problems.

  15. GML Family says:

    Jewel is a grocery store that will take the RR. We do it all the time and have done so at several different Jewel stores.

  16. craigsward says:

    NAY! Loyalty cards are too restrictive. I will definitely shop less at Walgreens.

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