Walgreens Tips

I had an email last week from Stacie with this, “I got really frustrated yesterday when my Walgreens rebate amount came back without including my Revlon free makeup…it was because I bought the wrong collection (not matte). Stupid little mistake on my part, I guess I need to be extra careful. Any tip/pointers on this?”

My response – First make sure you carry the EasySaver booklet with you and match up the product and picture it says to what you’re buying.
I keep my receipts until I see that I got reimbursed. I also don’t open anything until it gets credited, just in case!
If you do make a mistake and you didn’t use it yet, return it and get the other!


  1. Cindy's paradise says:

    I always try to be really careful with the rebates, but once I called Walgreens to see why I wasn’t credited and they told me I bought the wrong size. I asked if there was anything I could do to rectify it, and the service rep offered to credit my Walgreens gift card with the rebate even though I had made a mistake.

    I am sure they won’t do this very often, but it’s always good to call and be very polite and ask if they can do anything for you. This is true not only at Walgreens but anytime you get a fee (late or otherwise) or charge you weren’t expecting. If it is an anomaly, and not your regular pattern, many companies have the authority to give you a break by waiving your fee (or crediting your rebate) once.

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