Walgreens Scenarios Thru 2/6/10

So firstly let me apologise for the photo. For some reason Blogger is really acting up on me when it comes to photos.

Secondly let me say sorry for not posting this sooner. I promised a deals post to work out the best ways to do the Walgreens transactions this week.  I decided that most stuff wasn’t even worth me paying tax on but Hubs uses Blink Tears (and spot the one I found BOGO so got two for free) and I can always use lip balms.  So I did the transactions a couple of times (at a couple of different Walgreens while running around!!)

So, how did you do? Anyone do any great scenarios?  Leave a comment and let us know!  Those of you from recent classes who wanted to start slow: Did you buy the lip balm??!!!

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