Walgreens painkiller deals

Buy 1 Excedrin @ $1.99, Get $1 RR. Use this coupon to get $2 off so you’ll make money here. I just did it!

This week the Walgreens ibuprofen is on sale at $6.99 BOGO. I used the coupon from the coupon book in the pharmacy (Prescription Savings Booklet) which took $2 off each one making it $1.50/box!!

In regards to the PrescRiption Savings Booklet, as those are Walgreens coupons, the cashier doesn’t need to take the coupon every time you use it so you can just take the booklet with you and ask them to scan the coupon you need. The coupons don’t expire until December and you may need them again!!


  1. yes I did both the excederin and the robotussin deals this week.. I read a website wrong and thought they were starting already and the tags were up in the store so I never questioned it. I got my $10 RR and my $1 RR.

  2. What does RR mean again?

  3. I am defiently going to do this! Thanks Clair!

  4. did the Robotussin and got my $10 in RR. Thanks. I’m going back to do the Excederin.

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