Walgreens Paid me $8.61!!!

What a deal! A deal so good that last night I was so excited to wake up and go do it that at midnight I even debated on going out to my 24 hour Walgreens!!! Anyhoo, I didn’t make as much as I thought because they didn’t have a couple of items that were FAR but still, I got everything I wanted, some stuff we needed and will MAKE $8.61 after I’ve submitted my rebate.
Yes, I did the Preparation H moneymaker again so now I have 10 boxes!! And no, that adorable baby was not included in the Free After Rebate items!!

How I did it is posted below. Don’t forget to sign up for my $10 Target gift card giveway!


  1. I tried this FAR thing and instantly became addicted!!!!! That was this morning and I’ve already told 3 moms at my kids’ school and they’re headed to Walgreens now. FYI, my Walgreens was out of the Aug booklet but gave me next months as it overlaps this rare time starting today so I was able to use the $10/$40 coupon. Thanks for coming to my garage sale and telling me about your blog. You are a financial and spiritual inspiration……happy anniv!!!!!!!!Tina.

  2. Please ignore my FYI as I now see I had a brain cramp and you were talking about Sept. Oh well, I am a “newbee.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love your website! I’m another SAH mom and all your tips are so helpful! Keep them coming!

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