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Ladies and Gents – If you’re looking for a little inside info or a little rumour talk, I’ve got some hot hot news!!!
Last week at one of my classes, I met someone who used to consult for WAGS and here’s what she said – With the EasySaver booklets, the manufacturers pay for the rebates. They bill WAGS and then WAGS pays them. WAGS is merely the middle person and it gets confusing. However, with the RRs it goes straight to the manufacturer, isn’t as confusing with billing and cuts out WAGS. That’s why they’re moving on.
But………I also heard a rumour from a WAGS employee that RRs will be phased out in August. Wahhhh!

Right now this is just “talk” but I thought I’d let you guys know.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I work at WAGS and our store manager told us that they are ending the EasySaver because Corporate has said that between that and the RRs, people use the RRs more, and less people are using the ES.

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