Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Chicago is Super Convenient

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Chicago

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With the rising cost of healthcare and some employers discontinuing it, Walgreens has responded to people’s needs and are offering Walgreens Healthcare Clinics in cities all over the U.S. There are 49 clinics in the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Chicago area alone and we checked one out this weekend for you to show how convenient it is.

We’ve all been there.  It’s the weekend and your child has an unexplainable rash. It starts on Saturday and by Sunday they’re covered in something and extremely fussy. You don’t want to call your doctor’s office or try the emergency cell phone line so you decide to take them to the emergency room. Although you’re convinced it’s not worthy of an 8 hour ER visit you have no other choice…..until the Walgreens Health Care Clinic. The clinics will treat anyone ages 18 months and older and treatment for common illnesses starts at just $79.

They have board-certified nurse practitioners trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses and they can even write the prescriptions you may need!

My Husband has joked many times that if Walgreens would expand their ever-expanding grocery line just a little further that I could do all my shopping there and now it seems like I can get medical needs treated AND then fill prescriptions too. That’s the kind of one-stop shopping this Mummy enjoys!

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Chicago

Not only do they offer a wide variety of services but they accept a ton of different insurance plans too. If you have a plan they do not currently accept, they’ll give you a receipt you can submit for reimbursement if your plan offers out-of-network benefits.

Discount Healthcare Clinic services

Healthcare Clinic participates in the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club discount card network. Club members receive 10% savings on all clinic services.

Other Services at the Healthcare Clinic

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Chicago #cbias #shop

Besides treatment services there are many prevention and monitoring services that Walgreens offers like the $39 School and Sports Physical or the wide range of Health Screening tests that start at just $15.

Not only is it inexpensive but you don’t need an appointment. Simply walk in, sign in at the touch screen kiosk and a healthcare provider will be with you shortly. Each appointment is around 20-25 minutes and GET THIS: it clearly states about how long you’ll be waiting. How convenient is that for Mums with little sick kids or anyone feeling under the weather.


Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Chicago

Convenient Hours

Unlike most doctor’s offices, the healthcare clinics are open 7 days a week meaning that if you’ve not got insurance or your Doctor isn’t available there’s an easier option to getting checked up than that awful emergency room and their 8 hour wait!

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Chicago #cbias #shop

More Walgreens Information

To find more FAQs on the clinic check out the Walgreens website.

I LOVE Walgreens and it’s easy to keep up with all their deals, specials and healthy information on social media sites. Check them out on Facebook or Twitter and view the whole of my Google+ shopping trip here.


  1. OH I just LOOOOVE the waiting room. My favorite is when you wait out in the main lobby for HOURS then get back and there are no patients back there. That’s my favorite. I’m glad that Walgreens has the healthcare clinics now! I wish we lived in Chicago!

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