Walgreens Double Dip Days 9/26-9/27

For those of you new to the whole Walgreens concept, buckle up as this is going to get a little trickier! Who would have thought that a drugstore would offer free stuff and now for a little extra effort you can do what frugal bloggers call, “Double Dipping.” As the September EasySaver catalogue ends 9/27 but the October one begins 9/26, this means that for two days only you can combine coupons from both catalogues!!!

I’ve put together a list of things to double-dip on. One thing I would advise is going to www.walgreens.com to check out the October booklet before you head out (and even taking the tally sheet with you). Sometimes the stores don’t have them up front but if you ask nicely they’ll get you one.

Here is what I can see:

* Buy three Garnier shampoo 25.4 oz at $6.99 (Online price) = $20.97
Use 3 x $3 coupons from October catalogue
Apply for the $10 September EasySaver rebate.
Total $1.97 for 3. There are recent coupons from newspapers that would take off $2/bottle, making this a moneymaker!

* Buy 4 bags of Hershey’s, Mars or Nestle Halloween Fun Size or Snack Size Candy, 10.23 to 12.5oz
Use $1/2 Nestle Miniatures (Sept coupon, Pg 6)
Use $1/2 Mars Minis (Sept coupon, Pg 7)
Use Printable $1 off 2 bags Nestle Butterfinger, Crunch, or Baby Ruth Fun Size
Use Printable $1 off 1 bag Nestle Candy 10oz or larger

Apply for $4 off 4 bags of candy in October EasySaver rebate.
Not sure on the final cost as I’m not sure how much they are but this should be really cheap.

* Buy Glade/Oust scented oil candle with holder at $5.99
Use $2 coupon in September book
Apply for $2 rebate in October book (limit 4)
Use $2 manufacturers coupon in this past Sunday’s paper if you have it.
Total – $1.99 without newspaper coupon, FREE with it.

* Buy Pert plus 2in1 Shampoo and conditioner 13.5 oz only (Notice size. Very important)
Use $2.50 coupon in October book
Apply for September EasySaver rebate to save up to $4.29 (if you haven’t done so already!)
Total – Free + $2.50 overage

* Buy Bic Comfort3 Disposable razors
Use $1 off Bic Comfort3 Disposable razors 4 pk coupon in September booklet.
Use $1 off Bic Comfort3 Disposable razors4 pk coupon in October booklet.
Total – cheap!!

**New to Walgreens FAR deals? Check out my Walgreens 411 in the top bar. I’ll be listing the October FAR items soon. Don’t forget you can also use the $5/$20 coupon to sweeten the deal!

I’m going to buy formula:
Walgreens formula BOGO 50% off = $20.96
Minus $5/$20
Total = $15.96 + tax for 2 cans of formula! About $8/can (25.7 oz)

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  1. i am sooooo mad that i sent in my sept easy saver rebate already. i keep watching all these deals you’ve discovered the last couple weeks and am kicking myself!!! i promise that i won’t ever make that mistake again! i had NO idea that there would be so many ways to get free stuff.

  2. Along with all the deals Walgreens has this Friday and Saturday (and overlapping), I received a $5 off $20 or more purchase coupon in my email! Is that crazy or what?

  3. I also used the coupon to buy formula — I waited all week until the coupon came out yesterday hoping there would be one!

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