Walgreens Deals 3/8 – 3/14/09

First off, let’s deal with the smokin hot diaper deal that’s going on at WAGS this week that’s gonna have me there a bunch!

* Spend $25 on Huggies products, get $10 back.
Buy 3 x Huggies gentle care jumbo packs at $10 each = $30
Use 3 x $5 off coupons (Go here) =$15
Total out of pocket = $15, get back $10
3 packs for $5 after coupons and RRs!!! Remember though that you can’t roll these RRs into more Huggies but you can roll them into other RR products.

* Buy Garnier Fructis at $2.99
Use $2 off coupon from ES catalogue
use $1 off coupon from recent insert
FREE after coupons.

* Buy Glade Sense & Spray kit or Glade impressions oil at $7.99
Use $4 off coupon in ES catalogue
Use this coupon or this one or $4 off from SS 2/8/09 to get a bunch for FREE!
FREE after coupons.

* Buy Colgate Whitening toothpaste at $.99 after in-ad coupon
Use this coupon to take off $1
Free after coupons

* Buy Advil PM 16-ct at $4.49, get $2 back in RRs.
Use this coupon to take off $2
$.49 after RRs and coupon

* Buy CoffeeMate at $2.49 BOGO (this was the deal that I thought was last week!)
Use 1 or 2 coupons here depending on your WAGS
$.99/2 coupons

* Buy Right Guard or Dry Idea deodorant at $2.99, get $2 back in RRs.
$.99 after RRs.

* Buy Coke 4x 12 pack at $13 and get $3 RR.
4/$10 after RRs.

* Buy Crest pro-Health toothpaste at $2.49, get $1 back in RRs.
$1.49 after RRs

* Buy Accu-Chek Aviva at $9.99, send in for mail in rebate in box.
Free after MIR

* Buy 2 things of Starbucks chocolate at 2/$10.
Use $6 off 2 coupon in Es catalogue
I found coupons for $1 off at Jewel.
$2/2 after ES coupons and coupons. Even without manu coupons still a cheap deal for amazing chocolate.

Other Deals
Garnier Fructisse hair color is $3.99 after ES coupon. Use $2 off coupon from this week to make it $1.99.
Wrigley’s gum is 3/$.99 after ES coupon on 3.
Kraft MacnCheese $.69 after in-ad coupon
$5 off ink cartridge refill with in-ad coupon
Aquafresh toothpaste is $.99 with in-ad coupon. Combine with recent coupon to get it free.

Unadvertised Deals
* Mail in rebate freebies spotted here

* Some of the Pringles cans are on clearance for $0.45 each, matched with the recent $.30/3 coupon makes for 3 cans of Pringles for $1.05. The ones spotted were cheese and kickin’ cheese but there were others clearanced for $0.85.

*************March Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeebies.

  • Axe shampoo, conditioner or stylers at $6.99 and get up to $6.99 back. ES rebate #1
  • Walgreens headache relief Extra Strength Quickgels 20pk at $2.99, get $2.99 back ES rebate #3
  • Memory Formula 45 softgels at $19.99 get $19.99 back ES rebate #2
  • Walgreens Zyr 24-hr allergy relief 5 ct at $3.99, get $3.99 back.
  • Excedrin Menustrual Complete Express Gels 20ct at $5.99, get back $4. Use this to take off $2 to make it free.
  • Sambucol cold & flu relief 30ct at $13.99. Use coupon in ES catalogue to take off $10. Use this coupon to take off $4 making it free.
  • Revlon emery boards at around $1.59. Coupon in ES catalogue and coupon from 2/8 RP make these free.

Another great deal:
* Get $10 back when you buy 2 of the following energizer batteries or get $15 back when you buy 3 energizer batteries. ES rebate #19
Includes – energizer ultimate lithium aa 4 pk, energizer advanced lithium aa 4 pk, energizer e2 rechargeable aa/aaa 4 pk, and chvcwb-2 charger
Use this this rebate to get a $10 McDonalds gift card when you buy $35 worth of Energizer.

**Don’t forget the prescription coupon here is still good!

New to Walgreens? Don’t believe that they give away stuff? Check this out first! Spot anything else, leave a comment and let us all know. Cheers!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Clair- Could you clarify how the RR works? If I have RR from a different transaction, can I use them to pay when I get the 3 packs of Huggies or will it cancel out the RR’s? I’m not I understand the RR rules. I looked under your Walgreens 411 but I wasn’t 100% sure. Thank You! Amy

  2. Anonymous says:

    I went to Walgreens in Merrillville today. Bought two packages of diapers (baby shower coming up) and one pack of wipe refills totaling $26.00. I used my internet $5.00 coupons and that caused the “internal” coupon system to not print out my $10.00 reward coupon. I questioned it and the clerk called the manager who said using the internet coupons “voided” the system to issue the reward system. Boo Hoo!!

  3. I went to 2 different WAGS today and bought 3 diaper packs and used 3 of the internet coupons and I got the $10 reward coupon both times. My total ended up only being 23.10, but both times mine printed out!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I left an earlier comment about the RR at Wags, just realized where I went wrong. Shopped too early, the sales you blogged about started Sun! I didn’t notice that before!

  5. I just went to the Walgreens in Hessville today. I bought 3 packs of Natural Care Wipes 216 ct and 1 package of natural fit diapers. Used 3 $5 off coupons and 1 $3.00 off coupon. Received the $10 RR! Thank you! I also took advantage of all the other freebies from Walgreens! Thank you so much for posting these deals every week. I am pretty new to major couponing, so it really helps me!

  6. Amy
    It seems like all WAGS are different. U should be able to use RRs you received from other deals on the Huggies deals. If you don’t get an RR you can always ask to return it there and then. HTH Clair

  7. Anonymous says:

    which walgreens do you shop at that lets you use multiple internet coupons? I went to the one on torrence in lansing and they do not except internet coupons.

  8. I shop at the Walgreens in Hessville on 169th & Kennedy. They have never given me a problem with any kind of coupons. They are always amazed at how much I save!

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