Walgreens and CVS matchups 12/28 – 1/3/09

I’m taking some time off deals this week to be with my parents and a couple of kind friends emailed me some coupon matchups they found. With many thanks to Melissa and Lori:

* Just wanted you to know that there is a coupon in the new Easy Saver Catalog for $2 off any Garnier Fructis product (pg 14) and $4 off any two Loreal Vive Pro (pg 15), and Walgreens has some of them clearanced for as low as $2.19. There are also coupons out there from the paper. I got two cans of hairspray for 20 cents, and Garnier Hair gel for my hubby for an overage of 80 cents.
Thanks, Lori!

And now for Melissa who is my new coupon-matching friend. Thanks HEAPS Melissa and sorry, Brad!!! ;>)

“One thing to remember this week is a lot of the sales have coupons that were in this sunday’s paper but were also in last months papers, so if you are shopping before Wed, look through your old coupons first. Tide is on sale almost everywhere this week, last month there were coupons for $1 off, this month only 35cents off. Herbal Essences is also on sale almost everywhere, there are coupons from last month and this month $1 off. Meijer has the best deal by about 20cents each. Walgreens also has a deal on it which I’ll mention later.

  • Cascade 3.99 with 50cent coupon (this week’s paper)
  • Downy 3.99 ($1 off with last month’s coupon)
  • Gillette Fusion Razor 8.99 get $3 Register Rewards ($4 off coupon this month and last). Final – $1.99
  • Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion 5.99 get Free Clinical Therapy lotion worth 6.99 (coupon from last month $1.50 off)
  • On page14 of the sale flyer there are some products if you spend $20 get $4. Some of which are Clairol Perfect 10 – $12 ($5 off coupon from last month) Nice N Easy Hair color ($2 off in sundays paper) Also the Herbal Essences, Pantene, Infusium and Head and Shoulders all have coupons this month. BUT, I tried spending $20 before my coupons and I did not get the $4 back. So, you do have to actually spend $20.
  • Dawn has a sale flyer coupon for 99 cents (last month had a coupon for 50cents off, this months is only 25cents)
CVS has a lot of the same items on sale that I listed with Walgreens.
  • All their CVS products are buy 1 get 1 50% off.
  • Cascade is 2.99 (50 cent coupon) this is a different size as the one on sale at Walgreens, but about same price per ounce when it comes down to it.
  • Schick Quatro 8.99 get 5 bucks back and I found 2.00 off coupon making it only 1.99
  • Blistex 99 cents (I have a coupon for $1 off 2)
I’m sure there are plenty of other good deals, but these are the ones I found. I’m going to stress once again, shopping by the 31st will save you more money if you use last month’s coupons. They are much better than the ones this past Sunday.


  1. Also wanted to mention that most of the deals this week on Walgreens and CVS are on Procter and Gamble products. I easily made the $50 mark (before coupons) and am mailing my receipts today to get the big $120 coupon book. I bought Three of my hair color (with $7 of coupons) and Infusium (-$3), Bounce and Bounty, and the great Pantene deal at CVS.

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