Walgreens 411 Addendum

I’ve been doing Walgreens rebates for years, but never online until 2 months ago. Therefore I’m still a little new at this and wanted to point out a couple of things I’ve learned:

1) In the past they only offered free things once a month. Now it seems they just can’t stop giving away freebies so it’s my recommendation that you wait until the end of the month to submit your rebate. Which leads me on to point 2!

2) If you still want to copy and mail in your receipts, that’s fine by me, but I’m assuming most of you enjoy the 2 minutes it takes to do it online!! What I worked out this month is how easy Walgreens is making it for us! Every time you buy something else that’s free or gives you money back, head to www.walgreens.com and enter your receipt and then file it away. At the end of the month if you forget to submit your rebate, they will automatically do it for you and send you the money! Yup, that’s worth saying again, automatically! No forgetting, no copying, printing and sending! This is so super easy there’s no reason not to!!!

3) If they issue $5/$20 coupons or anything like that, you can purchase your free things using it thus making you money!!


  1. Hi:
    To make it faster to get your money be sure to reload your gift card. I got mine in 3-4 days from the date I submitted the receipts on line.

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