Anyone ever tried Vonage? My friend, Katie, is a huge advocate and sent me this,

“If you are paying for cable internet anyway, Vonage phone is the cheapest unlimited nationwide plan that I’ve found. It is $24.99 / month (before taxes). If you pay for a year in advance they even discount the rate more. Even with our cable internet and our Vonage line we pay $85.43 (after tax) per month. Since FAST internet is not a luxury for us, we cannot have dial-up or DSL, so it only makes sense for us.
Oh, and Vonage comes with all the bells and whistles: voice mail, caller id (if you have a caller id phone or box), call waiting, call waiting id, call forwarding at no extra charge. You can keep your old phone number or get a new one. You can make your area code in the area from which you receive the most calls (to make it cheaper for them to call). You can even try it for free for a
month. Other benefits: Free or low international rates info here.

Check this article out here Vonage VS the Other Guys

Also, If you refer friends you could get up to 2 months free for you and them.

You can either get the phone adapter free through Vonage (after instant rebate) or cheap after rebates through Best Buy or something (the 2 months free doesn’t count if you buy from a retailer).”

Anyone else a happy Vonage user? Thanks, Katie!


  1. my family has used vonage for a long time now and we think it’s great! when i was in costa rica for 5 weeks they even had a great international plan for like 7 cents a minute that we were able to get for one month. 🙂

  2. I love my vonage, have had it for a couple of years now. I do have a word of caution though. If your phone number is important to you, you will lose it should you ever choose to leave Vonage. They make it very difficult, pretty much impossible, to take your phone number with you if you do leave. But so far, I can find no reason to ever leave.

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