Video Games Live Discount

I just got an email about how to get cheap tickets to a new event and although I’m not really sure how interested you guys are, I figured it was cheap so worth a post!!!

“You know how Moms like to try and sneak vegetables into their kids food? How about sneaking a little culture into the lives of the gamers in your household? To all video gaming fans who are young or young-at-heart in the Chicago area, check out an incredible family event called Video Games Live.

It’s a live experience on stage celebrating the music and visuals of the most popular video games of all time. High tech light shows, video screens, full orchestra and live action come together as a complete sensory experience for the whole family.

On Saturday, 11/15 at The Chicago Theater, you can get 20% off of the $44.50 level tickets by clicking here and entering the special offer code CTVGL6″


  1. this is really awesome! i don’t know that we’ll go, although i’m sure my boyfriend would love it. thanks for the heads up

  2. Any last minute ticket searchers out there! I found this website that lets you get the tickets for 20%~25% off of the original prices. The website is and the code is “VGLAAXIS”

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