Valentine’s Day will never be the same

This week as everybody else gears up for Valentine’s Day, hubby and I are ready for a more important event. Last year we got the best gift ever on VD – our first baby, Isaac. As I look back over this year, I’m so grateful for him and for all we’ve come through. He didn’t have an easy entrance into the world though but through it all, God was faithful and as we look forward to his 1st Birthday I wanted to share his story with you to encourage you in whatever season you find yourself in today.
God is faithful. Period. His mercy towards us is constant and His love is overhwelming. He will never let you down if you put your trust in Him. It’s as simple as that.
Enjoy the story!

It all started when we decided to “bluff out the baby” by scheduling an induction for Feb 14. I really wanted to go natural but I’d spoken to people who right before their induction they went into labour so we figured we’d at least set something up. By Feb 13 he still wasn’t out and after praying we decided to cancel the induction.

The next day at the doctor’s office she wondered why and we explained we’d prayed for wisdom and felt this was the best thing as I was just 6 days overdue. So she gave him a non-stress test and ultrasound. During that she found there was not a lot of fluid left in me and decided I needed to go straight to the hospital for an induction. It was really hard for me to think I’d made the right decision to cancel the earlier appointment as clearly the baby was in some stress but at the hospital we’d know why.

They hooked me up to the dreaded pitocin and put me on a monitor. After only 2 hours of minor contractions as I was laying there I heard his hearbeat drop. I looked up and it was down at 19!!! Needless to say I was a little nervous! The nurse came in and altered my position but when 10 minutes later it went down to 50 after another minor contraction I knew what was next.

As they prepped me for a c-section the nurse said that the only way they would have known about the fluids is from the ultrasound and that helped them make a quick decision. As we rolled into the operating room I praised God for wisdom and knew it would all be ok.

15 minutes later and the doctor announced, “Congratulations, Clair, you are the proud mother of a green stained son.” As I cried tears of joy and looked at Tim’s beaming smile she explained that he’d probably been sitting in his own poop for at least 7 days!

Even a few hours in poop can cause complications and yet here was my resilient son, the only thing wrong with him was that he spent a day looking like he was spitting something out.

We don’t always know why God gives us ways to do things and sometimes we may never know why things happen but I praise him for letting me see part of His plan already in Isaac’s life and for my health Incredible Hulk baby!


  1. Happy Early 1st birthday lil one!

  2. Happy birthday to your lovely son! Thank you very much for telling his story and for being a great witness for God!

  3. Eliana's mom says:

    Happy Birthday little buddy!!!

    luv Eliana

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