Vacation Tips For Families

Are you considering a trip this summer? Traveling with kids is not always easy but it’s a lot of fun making family memories and with a good plan you’ll not only survive it but you’ll have tons of photos to prove it!

1) Pack a cooler with lunch meats and deli salads and such bring snack foods you will have access to free ice which should help defer some of the eating out expenses

2) Take an electric skillet or portable grill. You can even do that when traveling with a sport’s team.

3) As you’re arriving make sure to stop into gas stations and rest stops to grab local coupons for food and attractions.

4) Instant oatmeal and fruit is an easy breakfast to make in the microwave where you can also make eggs. Take your toaster with you for eggs and toast.

5) Plan ahead and buy gift cards for dinner from sites like and Groupon.

6) Research different points of interest in the area you are going to and compare prices, use coupons and find the best deals. One year my friend took her family of 5 adults and 1 child to Wisconsin Dells for 7 days and spent only $1,300 which included lodging.

7) Hotels are expensive so make sure you check discount websites, look at any rewards you may have and call the hotel and ask for the lowest price they have.

8) Sometimes it’s cheaper to opt for a cabin to rent through Craigslist or Cabins USA as not only are their prices typically lower but they’ll come with a kitchen where you can make your own food

9) Consider gas if you’re going to be driving and weigh that in.

10) Make a plan and lists so you remember everything.

11) Use hotels with a pool and check in early enough to enjoy some pool time with the kids. The kids LOVE the pool and that’s part of the vacation for them.

12) Pack lots of snacks and things for kids to do! Don’t forget any special pillow or bedding that they like.

13) Look at pictures of places and people you will visit so your kids are familiar with things. It will be less scary meeting new people and going to new places.

14) Unplug so you can really relax and enjoy the time with your family.

15) Remember…it’s always an adventure…even if you get lost!

What about you? How do you survive a family trip?? Leave a comment!

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