Using Register Rewards To Buy Photos

One of the best ways I’ve found to spend Register Rewards is use them to purchase photos. The Rewards have lots of restrictions (urgh no milk) and for those of us who’ve got quite the stockpile going on the thought of purchasing more shampoo is not a good plan! So instead I know that if I need lots of photos printed that week I can buy lots of items with Register Rewards and then pay with those rewards. Like this week:

First I sent my photos to the Walgreens website to get printed. GREAT deals this week. Opt to pickup in store.

Deals through 3/3/12.

Then I used $2.00 off Glade Expressions™ Fragrance Mist to grab the Glade Mist and after $1.50 RRs I got it FREE. Score 2. I took that Register Reward and went and paid for my photos.

So, I’ve got a question: What do you spend your Register Rewards on?
Are you a veteran at Walkgreens deals and only use them when you can roll them into free stuff?
Do you find yourself blowing them on candy? (I mean that’s not blowing them is it when it’s chocolate!)


  1. Melissa says:

    I use my register rewards for things that are low in my stockpile or I try to keep on rolling them into the next week. This week I bought the probotics I bought 4 of them and then bought the antiaging blueberry vitamins and got the 10 back again. So I bought 2 bottles of nail polish remover (needed this since I had a bunch of free Revlon nail polish and the cheap cotton balls at Meijer and no remover lol), 4 8 packs of paper towels, 4 12 packs of toilet paper, 2 jugs of Arizona ice tea, and a bunch of stuff my the kids Easter baskets (I make my own much more fun this way)!

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