Using Photos As Thank You Cards

I LOVE to use photos as thank you cards and whenever we have a birthday party for one of the kids here’s what I do:
Take a photo of the birthday boy with each party-goer. I combine family members.

                  I then print that photo out and use it as their thank you card. You can print them for really cheap at Walgreens, Kodak, Snapfish or Target. Then you simply mail the photo and the child gets a keepsake.

More Tips
** To save even more money don’t bother with an envelope so you only need a postcard stamp.
** Make sure you take the photo as soon as the kids arrive so they’re not messy or frazzled later.

To combine with this deal there are some great photo deals out there right now to help you do just that!

Ink Garden

Ink Garden
has 12 notecards for just $2 + shipping and handling. You can get it for $3.79 making your total $5.79 or $.48/each card.

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