Using Photos As An Inexpensive Pick-Me-Up

Maybe it’s the fact that Hubs has finally got a better phone that can actually receive photo texts but I’m loving sending him photos throughout the day of the boys and it made me realize what a fun and inexpensive thing photos are. Here’s a couple of ideas:

Take a photo of your little munchkin holding words like “I Love You” or “Have a Great Day” and text it to family and friends.

Birthday Cards
Take a piccie of someone holding words like “Happy Birthday” or “Best Wishes” and print it out. Send it as a unique photo card. At just around 20 cents for a photo, these are also crazy cheap cards.

Or, have your child hold a cake or cupcake and take a piccie of that to make into a card.

Wedding Thank Yous
Instead of boring tun of the mill notes take a piccie of you and your new spouse n your big day holding a sign with the words, “thanks” on it.

Birthday Thank Yous
Take a photo of the birthday child with each family that comes to their party, print and send as a thank you and souvenir.

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