UPDATED POST: FREE Food at Jewel – Please Spread the Word!!!

First of all I just want to give a loud shoutout to those of you that commented on this post and defended my honor. It really was sweet of you and made me feel a million times better. But, because there’s now 42 comments over there and the deal is continuing I thought I’d move it here so that we can clear some things up.

While you’re out grocery shopping this week don’t forget about the FREE Tyson Skillet Meal here, FREE Healthy Ones Deli Meat here, and FREE money from Tombstone here.

Here’s the scoop: From August 2 to August 12th when you spend $30 on certain products you’ll get back $15 in catalinas (that’s the little machine next to the cash register that spits out coupons. These will be in 3 x $5 increments) Well, the great thing with Jewel and the reason this works so nicely is that it goes off of sale prices so you need to spend $30 in sale prices but then when you use your preferred card, that price will be less and you’ll still get $15 back!!
The confusion is to whether it’s working off shelf (as I first suspected) or sale. i’ve heard people say both so let’s just state exact deals that work as this is really confusing for a lot of people (including me!!)

Some of you are reporting the deal not working. This may be because of a couple of things:
The catalina machine is simply not working. To ensure it is check that the green light is solid not flashing (Thanks to my friend, Des, for this one!)
2) You’re not spending $30 to get the money back. To ensure that you do I recommend going and scanning all your items before using your Jewel card to ensure you get up to $30. Take a couple of extra items with you just in case like I did then if it’s only $28 you don’t panic but add another item. Then scan your card so that the price is lowered to the preferred price.
3) As noted by Lori and someone else Jewel cashiers are now saying this deal only works twice a day per preferred card. I’d never heard of that but that could explain it if you’re trying to do it a bunch.

As I am SURE that these two deals below worked for me and should work for you if followed exactly (you have to buy ORGANIC pasta sauce as it’s more expensive) then I’m gonna keep these two up. What I’m asking is that people then comment below with deals that worked for them and how they did it. This is the place for helping each other out so share away and let’s all get some free food!
Just another note: The ideal situation is that the difference between the sale price and preferred price is huge which is why it works so well with the Breyers. Sale price: around $6 (which gets you to $30 QUICKLY) then preferred is only $3 (which means you hardly pay anything!) That was my strategy when trying to work these out.

Speaking of FREE food, DON’T Forget this deal for $25 worth of FREE Kraft food at Jewel starting 8/7/09.

If you’re in an area where there’s a Jewel, Albertson’s or any other SuperValu chain then you’re in luck! ACME, Albertsons, Biggs, Cub, Farm Fresh, Hornbachers, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, Shop N’ Save, and Shoppers are all participating. Between 8/7 and 8/23/09 when you purchase $25 in groceries in one transaction you’ll receive:
A $5 catalina good for your next order at that store
A form for a $20 mail in rebate.

This means that as long as you purchase these items your food will be free. As in zilch, zippo, zero. Thanks Kraft for $25 worth of FREE food! Here’s the details. Don’t forget to use coupons to make it an even better deal!!!

Deal 1
7 jars of Bertolli Organic pasta sauce at $4.49 each ($31.43 Shelf price), $14 preferred.
Pay $14
Receive $15 in catalinas. That means you are getting something back that you can spend on anything at Jewel. Do the deal again (they all roll!!) or just get $15 of stuff you need!!!!
Final Price: FREE plus $1 overage!!! Moneymaker!!!

Then, the other great thing is this rolls so you could now buy:

Deal 2
5 x 1.5QT Breyer’s ice cream at $6.49 each $32.45 shelf price), $15 preferred.
Pay $15. You could pay with the catalinas from the above transaction to make your out of pocket $0!!!
Receive $15 in catalinas.
Final Price: FREE!!
Use this coupon if you like for $1/2. I also got back a $4/5 catalina when I bought mine!!!


  1. Heidi Richardson says:

    Hi Clair, I did the deal yesterday at the chesterton Jewel and it worked but I had a bit of trouble. I wanted to do the cereal, and there was a lot of confussion. because there was 3 prices on the tag. the shelf price, the sale price (little tiny on the right) and the prefered card price. So i went by the shelf price like you said in the post. I got up and the cash register did not print my catalina. so I went to customer service and she added it up and I was at $28 and change. Ughhh are you kidding me, so After a lot of educating, both me and the other employees, i returned the cereal, got my coupons back and grabbed another box of cereal and re-rang everything. So in the end I got 4 boxes of 12.25 oz Honey nut Cherrios, 2 boxes of 8.7oz regular Kix and 3 boxes of 12 oz. Honey kiand used 5 .75 Kix coupons and 2 Cherios couopns that were $1/2 and ended up paying 12.25 and getting a $15 catalina coupons. Then since all of the pasta sauce was out, I tries the Brownie mixes, which worked with 11 boxes of DH brownies but I ended up paying too much as I didn't realize the imortant part of the equasion is you need to find the biggest spread between the shelf price and the preferred card price. so the shelf price for 11 boxes is 2.95 x 11 = 32.45 – prefered card savings of .95 x 11 = 10.45 still equals $22. Now minus 1 coupon and the $15 rolled cat. from the cereal i still payed $6 OOP for 11 boxes of Supreme brownies, but i got another $15 cat. to be used again today on ice cream and/or pasta sauce. But you gotta admit, It is complicated stuff, with all the 3 prices on the tag.

  2. I read that this works. Someone please confirm: Ben & Jerry's single serve cups x 18. $3 plus tax for 18 cups of ice cream.

    Also, has anyone done the ALL laundry detergent and which EXACT bottles work?

  3. noahs mom says:

    I found another site where a woman did the all sale. I haven't tried it personally but this is the link hope it helps. http://fromsuburbia.blogspot.com/2009/08/laundry-detergent-for-entire-year.html

  4. Anonymous says:

    I did some of the deals yesterday and there is a difference between the Jewel and Osco products. Jewel goes off the Sale price (the middle price) and Osco goes off the preferred price. This through me off as I saw a post for combining icecream with deorderant, the deorderant did not go off the original price so I didn't make the $30 cut to get the catalinas. The only exceptions I've seen is the icecream which goes off the original price. I recommend you scan each item you get to pricecheck what the sale item is and go off that. I bought 10 boxes of Cheerios and it worked great, the reg price was $4.29 but the sale was $3.29 (hence needing to buy 10)and I only actually paid $2 each at the preferred price. I also did a combination of Betty Crocker cake mix and frostings which worked fine and 5 things of icecream which worked too. Good luck everyone!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I went to Jewel in Munster today and the customer service employee told me they changed their policy… you had to purchase $30 dollars in products according to the preferred price. However, when I checked out, I received $30 dollars in catalinas! What a surprise… it was calculated from the shelf price and I got two sets of coupons during one transaction!! What a sweet deal!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Just did the Breyers Ice cream deal! Thank you so much! As a Stay at Home mom, I appeciate your help saving money!!!

  7. I asked on your post if it was working, it was last weeks deal that I didn't get my catilina for, so was a bit worried, but tried it yesterday with a bunch of stuff and only paid 34c for what should have cost $54. $20 of that $54 was for Fannie May ice cream that was BOGO and I had 2 coupons from Sunday (splashed out at the dollar store and picked up a 2nd paper when I saw how many inserts there were)I used a huge mix of coupons from all sorts of inserts (sorry don't know which ones)plus a BOGO Fiber one yogurt coupon I cut off a box I got 4/50c at Target a while back, anyway I got $2 worth of Banannas for my husband (read monkey) and with the coupons and scanning my card brought he total bill down to $15.34 then got my 15 back so was pretty stoked!
    I did it again today with the pasta sauce and again with a mix of stuff and got it both times. Tomorro is icecream day.
    Coupons.com had the following coupons for me (I'm 60148 zip)
    Page 1 – cookie mix
    Pg 2 – betty crocker brownies, and betty crocker cake/icing
    Pg3 – betty crocekr fruit snacks
    Pg 4- cookie dough and warm delights
    Pg6- Yoplit plus
    Pg 7 – small plant foods $1 off coupon (bottom left)
    So I'm off for some more saving tomorrow.
    Also there is a shapie highlighter coupon at http://schoolyearseve.cookiemag.com/pdf/SYE_Coupon.pdf it is $1 off so should match up with all the sales around to possibly make free highlighters 🙂 Just FYI 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    I did the all deal on monday. I bought 6 stainlifter 2x ultra all-50 oz bottle. The upc code is 1111129079. This worked for me. I have been trying to do it again, but there hasn't been any on the shelves.

  9. I've done a bunch of these deals, but today I did 7 organic bertolli's and 12 Skippy Natural (8 creamy/4 crunchy). Used 6 $1/2 Skippy coupons. Total: $14 + $24 = $38 – 6 = 32
    Got back $36 in CAT's ($15 + $15 + $6 for the skippy (double dip)
    I'm a happy girl and my local food shelter and neighbors are reaping the benefits.

  10. Thanks for posting these! As a new couponer I appreciate you taking the time to let me know exactly how to do it! Can't wait to go grocery shopping now!

  11. General Mills cookie chip cereal free/possible money maker (if you have any coupons)? I suspect you will be able to get a coupon for these to make the deal even sweeter, but I used a few boxes as a filler for my order with a bunch of other stuff I had coupons for.
    The 11.5 oz boxes ar 2/$4 but before preffered card they ring at $4.25. So if you buy 7 it will take your total to $29.75, add one of the 10/$10 items (I have bought Knorr sides so knwo some of them work, beware only some are labled with the sale and I wasn't brave enough to try one that wasn't – I knwo alfredo and terriaki veg was) anyway that takes you total over 30 but after preferred card it is $15 (7×2 +1) so free 🙂 haven't opened them but thought they could be good for a snack bag for school – (for me and my hubby, but for kids too if you have them :P)
    Ooo just thought to check coupon mom coupon finder and there is a 50c/1 coupon in the 8/2 SS so YAY that will make it atleast a 50c money maker depending on how many coupons you can round up from friends etc. pity I acutlly got 2 papers for the first time this Sunday but didn't have the coupons with me when got my boxes.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bought 5 of the Breyers ice cream today, shelf priced at 6.50 each. Total came to $15.26 and voila, 3 $5 catalinas and a $4 coupon off your next purchase of Breyers appeared! Woohoo! Can't beat 5 1/2 gallons of ice cream for only 26 cents!
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  13. I was lookign at my receipt from the first time I did this and saw another good deal, the Knoor sides rang up at 2.70 before preferred card. There is a $1 off 3 in 8/2 RP adn a 50c off 2 in the 5/17 RP (expires tomorrow 8/9).
    So… If I am correct,
    12 x sides with veggies (I had the teriaki ones but I believe it is all the veggie sides) (would ring at $32.40) preferred savings brings it down to 12 (already a $3 money maker) and then if you have those 2 coupons, it would be 10.50 so a 4.50 moneymaker! I just got 3 in with my mix of stuff ut think I'm going to go back and try this deal!
    Thank again Claire for doing these deals, I looked at couponers wanted last week when you mentioned it and found it super confusing, I love the way you do them!

  14. I tried the $25 Kraft deal at the Jewel in Dyer. I bought well over $25 of the participating items (going by the preferred price), and no $5 coupon printed out out at the cash register and no $20 mail-in rebate form printed out. I'm so disappointed. Has this happened to anyone else, and do you know if we can get the mail-in rebate from somewhere? I just need the form – I have my receipt.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I purchased 9 boxes of fiber one bars and spent 22.50 got 15.00 in cats and 2 coupons for a free case of water sweet deal.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would love to help you out on this one, as you have taught me SO much! These are deals that have worked for me: 6 All detergent (32 oz. small and mighty-the 'free and clear' white bottle). Try to get that bottle, lots of people have reported problems with the others. SKU #045893 037313. There was a $1 coupon in last weeks paper, and there are printables now on coupons.com. Price=3.50 x 6=21.00- 6 x $1 coupons=$15.00 to get a $15.00 catalina.
    12 or 13 Knorr pasta and veggies packet. (there are only 3 varieties of these, so look carefully and check prices, scan to check, should be 2.79 regular price.
    10 Honey nut cheerios or honey kix, with coupons for 10 boxes.
    6 hellmans mayo with coupons from 8/2 paper. Free with 6 coupons used, I forgot the price (sorry).
    7 bertolli ORGANIC sauce. No coupons needed. Free after catalina.
    Skippy natural peanut butter, the jar with the brown lid. Buy 12 and use as many coupons from 8/02 paper for moneymaker.
    Chex mix bars did not work for me.
    Those are the things I stocked up on thia week. HTH!!

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