Unique Birthday Party Idea at CABELA’S

It’s hard to find places to do a budget birthday party at but my friend Lisa had a great idea: She took her daughter and some friends to Cabela’s and here’s her story.

Before you head to Cabela’s, check out the Cabela’s website for times, specials and coupons.

Recently our daughter turned five. My husband and I were looking for something a little different for her birthday party. We found it in a party at Cabela’s!

We rented a conference room ($40 for 2 hours). One of the conference rooms (there are two at our Cabela’s) could easily accommodate a group of 40 people. Also the room has a painting of a nature scene but no ‘stuffed once was alive‘ things : )

Upon booking, we were asked how many children and adults. Each guest and our birthday girl were provided a Cabela’s goodie bag that included a Cabela’s drink cup and lid, four shooting gallery tokens and a scavenger hunt check-list (you supervise the hunt; no staff provided). All items are INCLUDED in the room rental.
They do allow ‘outside’ cakes and ice cream to be brought in. All other food items need to be purchased at their on-site restaurant. We opted for three pizzas ($14.99 each) and three pitchers of pop ($3.99 each).

So our total bill with room rental, food and drinks was $100.

Our party was on Saturday and we also got to see the Saturday fish tank feeding. QUITE exciting (pellets, minnows and worms!) when you are five!

All in all we would recommend it! It would be a great location for not only birthday partys but also ANY other event.

Our local Cabela’s in Hammond, Indiana can be reached at (219) 845-9029. Preview the room and/or book yours for your next shing-dig!

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