Unadvertised/Hidden Deals: Always Bring Proof

Here’s a case in point why you should always have written proof of your Catalina deal especially if it’s unadvertised. This is from Jill:

I went to buy my cheese from Meijer a couple of weeks ago and started at a scan register to be out of the way for all my transactions. My CAT didn’t print and she said that register is funky and I should try a different one, and that I could go to Customer Service to get the CAT.

At CS there are 4 ladies up the scurrying thinking of every possible reason it didn’t print (I used coupons, did I use a prior CAT, etc). Then this particular deal is not actually advertised in the ad.

So, since I had already used all the CATs that actually printed, I whipped out the photo and they finally got it figured out.

Thanks Jill!

I’ve had to do this too when the deal is unadvertised so the moral of the story is: Always Bring Your Proof or if it’s a hidden deal you are not guaranteed it.

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