Ultra Freezer Deal 2013


Last week I posted about the Strack & Van Til freezer deal adn as so many have asked about the Ultra Freezer Deal I thought I’d post something else. Inf act a good reader, Brandy, left her experience with it on my Facebook wall! Thanks Brandy:

Need a deep freezer? Stracks & ultra are selling a deep freezer for $149.99 and you get over $200 in FREE food coupons. I bought it today and YES you get a lot of vouchers for free items.. a lot of good name brand stuff too.. and also some good priced coupons as well.

The Ultra freezer deal freezer is real nice too 5 c ft and the coupons pay for it plus more. Brandy definitely recommends getting this offer if you looking for a Freezer!

Don’t forget freezers are a GREAT way to save money on groceries. See my series How To Freeze for more.


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