Ultra and Strack & Van Til Deals 9/11 – 9/17

Milk 2/$5
Bone-in pork chops $.98/LB
Cantaloupe $.78/ea
Kraft singles 3/$
Aunt Millie’s bread $.98. I know there were coupons in the paper recently for 35 cents off.
Dutch Farms bacon ILB 2/$5
Old Orchard Healthy Balance juice 3/$5
Bisquick shake and pour pancakes 5.1 oz 10/$10
Kotex lightday liners 2/$1. Click here to save $1 or here.
GM Cereal 4/$10. Go here for more money off.

Go here for the complete ad.

Tombstone pizza 4/$10
Dutch Farms cheese or 64 oz OJ 3/$5
Ground pork taco meat $1.59/LB
Bone in pork chops $.99/LB
Welch’s grape jam $1.59
VO5 shampoo $.69
Zone bars 10/$10. Go here for a coupon to get one (or maybe more if you can print more) free.
Thanks, Lynda!
I did just go and I’m not sure the link is working today.
Dutch Farms yogurt 10/$4
Grapes $1.49/LB
Peaches and nectarines $.99/LB
Their Bob Evans stuff was on sale if you like that!

Go here for the complete ad and here for more coupons.

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