Udder Covers: Mummy Deals Approved Followup

First I posted this about a a FREE nursing cover from Udder Covers then I received a comment saying they’d heard it was a scam so I posted this. Then the owner of Udder Covers contacted me and I gotta tell you, I feel bad for them. I really think a competitior has done them damage. One person in one chatroom giving them bad press. Here’s what Jenny said. I’m allowing it here as I want you to be equally informed. The other reason I’m saying this is to let you know I ordered from them just now…with my credit card. The one I wanted is on backorder but I’ll repost when it arrives.Hi everyone,

My name is Jenny Pierce and I am the owner of Udder Covers. I was sent an email this afternoon from a follower of this wonderful blog and she has asked me to post a comment on this site to clear things up. While I can’t read everything online about us and each individual comment as there are too many of them, I can tell you that we are NOT a scam. Our BBB score is for both the Milk Bands and the Udder Covers as Udder Covers is a DBA of Milk Bands so I would think that we would have a terrible score there if all this negative information was true but we don’t. We have an A. That score and the security measures visible on our site are things that we cannot make up. To those of you that have said that their covers did not arrive in the time they expected, I am sorry. We do the best we can here to get orders out but we do have covers go on backorder often, orders get lost in the mail, wrong addresses are provided time to time and sometimes there are just little issues that come up that need to be corrected or found out before some orders ship.

For those that aren’t happy with the quality of their covers, I would apologize as well. The covers are great for the discounted price. You’re not getting a Mercedes for the price of a cheaper car but the cover is still good for it’s usage and the sewing is of very high quality. We do have a more breathable fabric out there which in my opinion is better for you and the baby so there isn’t as much body heat under there. There is nothing worse then pulling a sweaty baby out from under heavy fabric and so some of our lighter colored fabrics are very ideal for hotter climates. You will notice that you may read some of the negative comments online about us and that they are from one person jumping from forum to forum and after the good comments are made about us, that one person has never jumped back on to defend their claim again. We can only assume that this false information that you may read online about us is pushed by competition of ours that wishes to put us out of business by saying things like this about our company. It’s not to their best interest to have a company selling product as cheap as ours when they’re trying to keep their prices high. It’s also not in our best interest to rip women off so that they can let all their forum friends know in a matter of seconds. I am sure that some of you may have already seen the below remarks elsewhere but I will place them again:

There is a lot of misinformation online about our company and so I want to put your mind at ease. From the moment you enter our site, you are directed to a secure server brought to you by Go Daddy and when you begin to shop, there is an “s” which stands for secure in the address bar so it reads “https://”. There is also a padlock icon that shows up as well similar to an online banking experience. We work with Comodo which is similar to Hacker Safe and they verify that our site is secure daily as well as offer an insurance policy of $250,000.00 just incase. We offer PayPal payment options as they protect the buyer as well. We work with Authorize.net which is the largest merchant company in the world. All credit card numbers are encrypted when entered in our site and going through Authorize.net’s system. There is no middle man company. We do not store credit card information in any of our systems and do not store them on servers either. No one here has any access to credit card numbers at all until the customer gives it to us over the phone and we have to look up that type of information through Authorize.net only. It’s hard to work with on a customer service level but it protects us as a company and you as the end user. There is only 3 ip addresses that have access to our system (me, my husband and our IT guy) and we do not work on wireless browsers.

These are some of the security measures that we have on our site to protect you. I do not know of another small company like ourselves with the measures that we have in place on our site-and the majority of them are viewable for the consumer to see and cannot be made up.

I get phone calls and emails about this on a regular basis and we have lost business as a result of what others have said or heard as they have heard from a friend of a friend. If you have any questions about the comments I have made, I would love for you to contact me directly instead of spreading the chatter online. This is emotionally draining to me so I can’t let this be a focus for me daily and as a result I apologize if my comment comes off defensively as I know Clair wants them upbeat but I want you all to know that we are honest people and we do not say that casually. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you to all out there who have supported my WAHM businesses. Thank you.


Jenny Pierce
Milk Bands LLC and Udder Covers
proud mom of four and wanting more

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