Two BIG Thank Yous!

Firstly, remember the contest I entered last year and asked you to vote for?  Well, I won so THANK YOU HEAPS!  What a nice start to 2010!

Secondly, thanks to those of you who donated to Haiti.  I had a couple of emails about concerns about it getting there.  The IN state department issued a notice not to do what we all wanna do and come and bring stuff.  Sometimes it’s hard to sit but I know it’s best amidst confusion.  So here’s what we decided: God’s Little Angels in an orphange that’s been working in Haiti for years and knows “the ground”.  Better that we store items in Colorado than in my basement if you ask me so they got shipped there.  As soon as the government lets them take in another plane they’ll fly in the donated items. 

In the meantime please join me and keep praying. For peace, for support, for the kids, for adults and for the government. 

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