Trouble at Walgreens?

Are you having Walgreens issues? Can’t get them to take your coupons? Here’s the scoop:

  • First off this all seems at the discretion of managers so depending on your Walgreens will depend on how nice they are. Remember you don’t have to shop there if they don’t like couponers!
  • Walgreens will take manufacturer’s coupons but if your item is for less than the coupon is worth you need to ask them to adjust the coupon down. Some will, some won’t. I had a cashier that would the other day. This doesn’t hurt WAGS or the manufacturer. I understand that they don’t want you to get overage so you can help this by asking politely if they’re adjust it.
  • They sometimes take internet coupons, sometimes not. Again at the manager’s discretion.
  • You need to give manufactuer’s coupons before Walgreens ones. This helps a huge amount and will stop the thing beeping.
  • In the instance of the Clairol at $3.59 and coupon at $5, why not buy 2? If you bought 2 for $7 and then gave the coupon it shouldn’t beep. Sure it wouldn’t be free but who can beat $2 for 2 awesome hair dyes??
  • Finally, always be polite. If you get snarly, they will. The cashiers don’t make the rules, they simpy follow them. They are on their feet all day and don’t always wanna deal with people trying to use tons of coupons. I’ve found that befriending the cashiers always helps. I absolutely never try and do anything dishonest but when I know I’m right and I’m polite it really helps. If in doubt, ask a manager over.


  1. Shalena says:

    Today I spoke with the Walgreens district office in my area(Jax,FL) and they told me you cannot use a reg manufacturer coupon with the coups in the Easy Saver books because those (ES coup)are also manufacturer coup. The problem is the store register have not caught up to this policy and is still accepting them. Unfortunately this will change next year when the registers will be updated not to accept outside manf coup w/ ES coup.

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