Trip to 1-800-Baskets and 15% off Codes

Last week I got invited to a blogging event at 1800 Baskets. As I’m a HOWGE basket lover (and yet have never received one – hint, hint!) I was excited. When they gave us a bunch of stuff to make one with me, the non-crafty one, was a little daunted but check out what I made. Yes, I was a little pleased with myself and this Christmas may attempt a couple more as gifts. (Who am I kidding, my Mum is wrapping all my gifts this year as I’ll be enjoying my new one!!!)
There are a lot of organizations housed under one roof and it was fun to see all the different rows of goodies that go into the baskets from picking special ribbon to selecting just the right cheese (or chocolate covered strawberry!)As a big lover of Fannie May candy, it was fun to sample that too!!!!!
What I loved that they talked about was all the ways to make a home pretty right now and for it not to cost a lot. Like this adorable plate of cookies. They invited Shawn Rabideau and I even impressed him with some of my ideas for bringing the outside on for frugal decor. You can check that article out here and check out how to turn your fall wreath into a holiday one.

Of course I wouldn’t have come back without anything for you guys and this time it’s coupon codes for money off all the goodies so here ya go. Use these to get 15% off all the brands below: – Promo Code = SHAWN – Promo Code = SHAWN

Cheryl’s – Promo Code = SHAWN

The Popcorn Factory – Promo Code = SHAWN – Promo Code = SHAWN

Fannie May – Promo Code = 1225

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