Tricks Of The Organic Food Buying Trade

This is Part 1 of a Series.

Do you buy and consume organic foods? Organic foods are grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and other synthetic growth substances. Thus, these food types are healthier for the body because they don’t contain harmful chemicals at all. Right now, more and more people are opting to buy organic vegetables, fruits and other food types which they generously incorporate in their daily diet. This would have been a really ideal health regimen save for the fact that lots of these organic foods are quite expensive. What’s a parent or household head to do?

1) First thing you have to remember is that not all organic foods are expensive.

Lots of stores and groceries that sell organic produce offer them in reasonable prices. You just need to inquire which ones are available in your area. Ask about their product line-up so you’ll know which ones you can buy from there. Look for alternative shops if the prices in one store are too expensive for you.

2) You can also consider buying in bulk which will allow you to save big bucks compared to buying in retail.

The trick here is to look for other people who are also interested in buying organic foods and encourage them to share the purchase with you. This way, everyone gets to save big bucks and eat healthy food options as well.

3) Resist the urge to buy what you don’t need.

It is easy to be tempted into buying foods that you don’t actually have a use for. Buy food items or ingredients as the need arises. It is also helpful to plan your meals so you’ll know which food items you have to buy for which day and how much of it you truly need.

4) Lastly, don’t shun out non-organic foods completely.

Not all non-organic kinds are unhealthy and it is even recommendable to consume seemingly “unhealthy” foods now and then. Just make sure to buy the ones that you can afford to eat. Be extra careful in buying either organic or non-organic foods especially if you are following a specific diet or regimen for your personal health concerns.

Coming tomorrow: 5 Ways to Get Organic Produce for Less Money

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  1. I have found Meijer to have FANTASTIC organic produce. Not only do they have a great and huge selection it’s at really low prices. Very often organic produce is on sale there at the same price as conventional. Some recent prices (all organic) carrots 1lb/$1, Romaine hearts 3/$2, 5lbs potatoes/$3, apples $1.29/lb….and on and on. Really easy-plus Meijer tends to hand out coupons when you buy things-so if you buy a lot of produce at the register you’ll get a coupon for $$ off the next produce purchase.

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