How I Took Photos of Wild Bears on My Blackberry Z10


Yup! It’s no joke! We went to Gatlinburg, TN a few weeks ago and saw wild bears right outside our cabin. While my Dad ran inside for their camera my Husband pulled the Blackberry Z10 out of his pocket and started snapping pictures. My Mum and I were keen observers with the kids….from a distance!


If you’ve never visited Gatlinburg I highly recommend it.  For this city girl it’s got the perfect blend of almost everything and is only 9 hours drive from Chicago.  While I’d love to do beach trips with my kids we’re pretty land-locked here and I can’t stomach the thought of 18 hours in the car with a 2 and 5 year old just yet.


Beautiful, serene mountains and amazing valleys await you.  Sure it’s got tons of touristy arcades and games areas but we just ignore those and check into cabins on the mountains.  For around $150+ a night you can grab a full furnished cabin that’s great for kids, includes a jacuzzi and some amazing views. We cook meals there to save money.

Right as we were packing to leave Tim put the garbage out and we finished up.  I happened to look out of the window and see a bear coming up the mountainside. As most of us had been hoping to see one the whole time we were there I knew everyone would be excited so I quick managed to round everyone up and then the photos started. I swear my Dad and Tim took about 500 between them but when else are you going to see bears so close?


The Mama bear and her 4 cubs as she starts rustling the garbage.


A baby bear snuck off to get a quick glimpse of us.  I can just hear my Mum quietly “yelling” for us all to get back in this picture!



One of them climbs the tree nearby and the others follow to play tag.  Yes, from a distance it was cute!


Finally realizing they can’t get in the garbage they walk off. That’s how close they got to our car.

Have you ever seen wild bears? Chances are if you’ve been to Gatlinburg you have!

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