Too Much to Blog, Too Little Time to do it!

Teasing the pics of Gatlinburg which are coming next week!

I am sorry about this week’s blogging! Some of you newbies around here may not have noticed but I have not been doing my usual stuff and I have excuses, girls! I know I missed CVS deals (but to be honest there wasn’t anything!) , I know I missed English recipe day and RAOK Wednesday but….
* I started working for my old boss again PT. I don’t want to but he needed help badly and urgently. On that note – if you know of anyone looking for a pt admin job in Schererville, IN, please email me. It’s a great job, I just don’t want it!
* Also, it’s time for Samaritan’s Purse again and I’m the coorindator at church.
* We have an Open House coming up at work that I’m in charge of.

So yeah to say I’ve been busy is an understatement and today I feel a litlte under the weather. Woh is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if anyone would like to do next week’s RAOK post (you could even do it by blogging about how you cleaned my house), just lemme know! HAHAHAHAH! Just kidding!!!!!!

The deals will keep coming, I promise!


  1. hope you are feeling better!!!!!! hang in thre…..and remember…"joy cometh in the morning."
    if we only knew how long the night was going to be :>)

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