To Resolute or Not to Resolute??!!

Tough one ain’t it? Do you set a resolution only to see yourself fail a few months down the track?  Or are you the kind that just needs a push in the right direction and some self control?  I bought Santa (AKA Hubs) a Wii for his December birthday in return hoping that I’d get a nice gift.  Not only did I get what I wanted but he bought me a surprise: the Wii Fit.  I had been looking at it and wondering over it but dare I step on it in the new year and risk failure/not losing any weight and ultimate buyer’s remorse?  Well he took that decision away and I know I need a little shove towards working out so hopefully it’ll help.

With that in mind I’m asking: How about you?  Have you set any resolutions? Anyone set any unusual ones? Anyone good at keeping them?  leave a comment and share!

Have a cracking, super, mega, ace, wicked, bonzo 2010!!


  1. I've set some goals for this year. I'm hoping that by writing them down I'll have better follow through. 🙂

  2. kalea_kane says:

    My dad bought me a Wii fit to go with the Wii my hubs bought for me on my birthday. I am totally putting that in my resolutions. I am definitely a little nervous though. You don't want to fail, but it is definitely better to try. 🙂 Good luck with all of yours. Have a wonderful 2010!

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