Tips & Tricks: DIY Meat Processing

I love it when I can get a great meat deal but sometimes when I come home with three huge roasts that need to be frozen I wish it could be simpler!  Good news is it can be.

Before you grab the already cut pork chops or pre-packaged beef stew consider this: you are paying someone else to do something you can do.  It is usually cheaper to grab the big cuts of meat, bring them home and portion them before putting them in your freezer.  I’ll cut some into roasts, some into chops and yet others into small pieces of pork/beef for other dishes.  My local grocery store usually stresses “No Further Processing” when I buy meat that cheap but not all stores say that which is why I was exvited to find this beautiful pork loin roast a while back at $1.79#.

I simply took it up to the butcher at the store and asked him to cut it into pork chops.

How sweet was that??!

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