Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Garage

It’s time to start coming out of hibernation and start thinking about summer.  Before you can laze around though take a peek in your garage.  Yeah, doesn’t look too great does it?!! Organizing a garage is tough but it doesn’t take long and it’s one thing to knock off the list this weekend!

1) Pitch It!

Don’t be afraid to pitch stuff. Use the 1 year rule: If you didn’t use it last year the chances are you won’t this year.

2) Trash Can.

If your garage is like ours it’s a home for junk and it needs to be pitched. Move your can into the garage and start getting rid.

3) Donate.

Make a collection of things to donate and drive them to the thrift store soon before you forget.

Make sure when you donate items that you get a tax deduction for the amount. Just think you’re making money cleaning up!

5) Re-Arrange and Organize.

Our garage was full of small tools, miscellaneous items and other bits until I bought Hubby one of these organizers and now ion a jiff he can pick up and everything has a    home.

6) Window Screens.

It’s time to put those screens back in the windows so while you’re cleaning the garage give the screens a good clean too.

7) Get Things off the Floor.

If you’ve got a bike, buy some brackets to attach it to the ceiling. If you need to invest in or build some shelves. There’s no need for a garage to look like the ultimate   dumping ground.

8) Have a Garage Sale.

If you’ve never had a garage sale, although they’re time-consuming they can be worth it and will make the spring cleaning easier when you know there’s a goal! See my 20 Tips To a Successful Garage Sale.

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