Tips For Saving $400 Per Year By Doing Your Own Hair Coloring

It’s a simple dollars and cents equation really. An average color job at a salon is going to run you around $50-$100, an in-home color will put you closer to $10. Still, is it really necessary? The one area where I won’t skimp is highlighting because let’s face it I’m just not that way inclined and nor is Hubs. You see I bring Hubby into it because bless him, every month I rope him in to cover the grey, spruce my hair up! It takes us around 45 minutes total and in the end I’ve spent around $8 and saved around $20-$50! Multiply that by 12 and you can save $240-$600 per year! Here’s how:

Firstly I pick a color that’s not too cheap and not too expensive. I haven’t found one that I love yet but I know that you get what you pay for and if you put a $2 dye on your head you’ll get $2 results. My faves are around $7.

Secondly, spend a little time working out what color you really want and then keep the top of the package so you don’t forget next time!

Thirdly, there’s a good reason why people use old towels and old clothes when doing it at home. I’m just sayin!

Fourth, Choose a color a shade darker than you want, and leave it on half as long or less. Use less than it calls for on your hair. All you need to use is enough to make it spreadable over your head evenly.

A reader has grey hair in patches, which (here’s the great part) comes out looking like highlights because the grey parts don’t take as much of the color as the rest of my hair. She can make a little bottle of Loving Care last three applications this way.

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