Tips and Tricks: When Bread is a Buck, I Buy a Bunch

There are two things I look for in bread: Wheat. No high fructose corn syrup.

Sure the cheap stuff is always around $1 but not the kind without the HFCS in it. I’m not at the point of spending a ton on bread to get the all-singing-all-dancing-kind but I definitely won’t compromise on that. So, when I see it for around $1 I grab a couple. One I leave out for sandwiches and one I freeze. I don’t put it in a ziploc, just make sure its sealed well and freeze. Then whenever we need it I can simply take it out.

Your family probably goes through more than us so you’ll need a couple more but I highly recommend doing it this way. Besides anything it saves not only time and money but impulse buying. No more, “I just gotta get bread”runs that end up costing $30!

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