Tips and Tricks – Using Cash as Apposed to Credit

Melissa had another great tip for us:
“A tip I have for spending less is use cash. I have started using cash for groceries, clothes, gas, and out to eat. You can’t buy it if you don’t have the money. It helps me make sure that I don’t go over budget. Sometimes it’s a pain if I see something on sale really cheap and I don’t have my clothes money with, but then I don’t end up buying things either just because they are on sale.”

The only downside to this is that some credit card companies offer great deals. We do use credit but make sure we pay each month to avoid finance charges but still get the free airmiles. What about you? Are you cash or credit? Drop me a comment and let us know!


  1. I am a cash user. I have found that I really do spend less. When the cash is in your hand it makes you say to yourself “Do I NEED this, or want it?” and “Do I already have something similar or is it useful”.

  2. I have just started using my Discover Card for everything because I get a cash back bonus. So far, so good. I haven’t overspent yet and I pay it off monthly. That is the most important thing except, of course, not buying things I don’t need anyway.

  3. I have been using my Visa for everything I possibly can. Bills, groceries, Rx, etc. Every month I pay it off IN FULL & ON TIME, thus avoiding finance charges & late fees. My Visa is totally free (no annual fees) and I rack up "points" which I redeem periodically for CASH (Visa sends ME a check!!). I have been doing this for years & it works great for me. I also have a record of all my purchases for the year, and VISA consumer protection if I should have a problem with a merchant. If you have a "spending/buying" control problem just get a check register book (like you use for your checkbook) and record your Visa purchases in it. Keep a running total of your purchases so you don't go over budget. Works like a charm. I also don't have to carry a lot of cash with me (to lose). Keep all your receipts until you get your Visa bill to make sure you don't get any erroneous charges to your account (it CAN happen). BTW I'm the furthest thing from a "shopaholic". I'm the queen of frugal control.

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