Tips and Tricks – Shopping at ALDI

Another way to save money is to shop at ALDI. I ran a post a sometime ago about how I saved a ton of money one time at ALDI.  Then I asked people what they bought there and the response was shocking. “Everything” declared one reader! Over the past couple of months of trying to save people money, I managed to convince one Mom to go there for the first time and boy is she glad. I also cut my friend’s grocery bill in half by introducing her.

Some things about ALDI

  1. It’s super cheap. All. The. Time. Sure there are times when on sale and with a coupon other stores are cheaper but overall if you don’t want the hassle, head to ALDI.
  2. They are usually the cheapest place by far for snacks and baking ingredients.
  3. Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to eat a healthy diet using only ALDI ingredients.
  4. You’re gonna need to take a quarter for the cart as that helps them cut costs down. You’ll also need your own bags (great use for those free reusable totes we keep getting!) or be prepared to pay $.10 for one of theirs or grab a box in store to load your goodies into.
  5. They only take cash or debit card so be prepared.
  6. Who knew it but there’s a meal plan out there done with only ALDI ingredients!!! Check it out here.

ALDI is a great place to help cut your costs and really stretch your grocery budget.

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