Tips and Tricks – Refill Your Cartridges

The price of ink cartridges is horrific but there are places where you can refill them for super cheap. I like WAGS as not only do you get the cartridge done for around $10 (in April it’s free after rebate!) but every time we do it we always get a coupon for 25 FREE photos on our next refill.
Honestly, it’s not as good as buying a new one and you do have to refill it more often than buying new, but you can’t beat the price and I think it makes sense.
Anyone had any luck anywhere else?


  1. Walgreens does not fill Canon cartridges. At least they didn’t a few months ago when I tried to bring mine in. Office Max also fills them for $10.

  2. When Walgreens has the 1/2 off coupons for refilling ink in the paper, Office Max will accept the competitor coupon. So if Office Max is more convienent, it’ll be $5 for black ink with the Wags coupon.

  3. Anonymous says:


    I love your site! Is there a coupon for the free cartridge refill?



  4. Anonymous says:


    Is there a coupon for the free refill?

  5. I went to Walgreens today to get my cartridge refilled and asked if it was free and the girl behind the counter said no. Is it just at certain locations? I was at the one on the corner of Ridge and Wentworth in Lansing.

  6. The FREE refill is an Apruil freebie. Right now I think it’s just $10

  7. I got black ink before at Wags for my HP and it worked well. Just ran out and had to refil again last week which was a bummer since in April I could have got a rebate for. I tried to refil the color ink about a month ago and it did not work at Wags. Had to go and get a refund. Called Office Max for price and they said around $34 for a new one. Got there and it was more like $45!!! CS told me about their Office Max brand ones, so I went with that. Sorry I don’t remember the price, but I think it was somewhere around $30. DH figured out maybe the old HP color cartridge was expired as it has an expiration date on it. Looks like I will be looking for a printer with cheap ink!!!! Kodak is suppossed to have cheap ink. —–Don’t count on Wags employees knowing about the Easy Saver Rebates, that is where you will find info on the ink rebate. Read that. Also…do people have extra ink cartridges just sitting around the house waiting for a refill deal? I usually just get it when it runs out.

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