Tips and Tricks – Homemade Pizza

This week Stacie did a great post on her homemade pizza recipe and I got an email from my friend, Laurie about some tricks she uses when making their pizza:

I make homemade pizza almost every Friday and if you do your own crust, you can get a bigger pizza than if you get a pre-made crust.

I also get pepperoni from the deli counter @ Ultra. I ask for 7 slices of the sandwich pepperoni because I know 7 fits on our large pizza. The 7 slices usually cost around .35 or .40 cents @ the regular price. If it is on sale, I will have the deli worker package up about 4 packs of 7 slices each and then I don’t have to repackage them to freeze 🙂
You can do the same w/ any pepperoni, but the bigger sliced ones they have @ Ultra are not spicey which is what I want.
Also I use about 1/3-1/2 of a bottle or can of pasta sauce and we use the rest for another meal during the week.

Thanks, Laurie!

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