Tips and Tricks: Frugal Reusable Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are one thing that always seem to cost a lot so when Sharon sent me this tip I knew we could all enjoy it!
  • I purchase liquid fabric softener and dilute it in a bottle that I keep on hand (which is a money saver in itself).
  • Then take a wash cloth (I fold a corner of it & sew it down to remember which one I use), dampen it with the softener, throw it in the dryer as a reusable dryer sheet.
  • Don’t use the softener in the washer, just in the dryer.
  • When it get’s “funky” soak it in hot soapy water & start over!

Colder weather is right around the corner & with it comes static electricity, I haven’t bought dryer sheets in years! Thanks Sharon!

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