Tips and Tricks: Frugal Coupon Printing

I got this email from Angela and thought I’d share her handy dandy trick:

Today I was printing a few Betty Crocker coupons from a website, and taught myself a trick for saving some paper and ink.
Before I click the link to print my selected coupons, I make sure that the default printer is set to not only print in grayscale at the lowest quality setting, but I set it up to print 2-up…or the equivalent of 2 pages per sheet of paper.

Now when the coupons print, they’re half the size they would otherwise be, but they still print totally in tact. I haven’t used them yet, but the barcode should scan just the same, and I don’t have to carry around coupons that are 8.5″ wide. And it worked to only use 2 sheets of paper for 9 coupons.

Thanks, Angela!  Have a tip or trick for us all?  Shoot me an email.

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