Tips and Tricks – Check your Receipts

Ok, so your Mum told you to always check your receipts before you leave the store and make sure that everything is correct but did she tell you that:

** On the back of your receipt from every JC Penney’s purchase is a way to earn 15% off your next purchase. That’s a great savings!

** At Old Navy you can sometimes get a 10% discount on your next purchase by completing a survey. Sometimes after your regular receipt prints, another one will print with a code to do an online survey. As I’m an avid ON shopper, I asked about it and was told it’s every other person. No, I’ve never sneaked to the back of the line if I saw the person in front just got one! How could you think that??! LOL!

** You should always copy and keep your mail in rebate receipts in case something goes wrong.

Any more ideas?


  1. not sure if they do this consistently, but if you fill out certain surveys post-purchase, you can save $20, on any purchase over $20. yeah.

    i’ve done this on once. (actually, i think that one was $10)

    and then there was i got a joseph abboud shirt for my boyfriend for xmas, and it was 20% off of clearance, so i was rather pleased with myself. i think the total came to $20.50 or something like that, for a beautiful dress shirt that was $80 full price. but then there was one of those surveys.

    a while later, i got a check in the mail for $20 because i’d filled out a survey. so i essentially spent $0.50 on my boyfriend’s xmas present, though it looked anything but cheap!

    that was my best bargain ever.

  2. (oh, for some of those surveys you have to join a super-savings club kind of thing. it’s free for the first month. they count on you forgetting about it so that they will make money off of you. i put a reminder in my google calendar with the phone number to cancel the membership right before the free month runs out)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Target allows for “price adjustments” up to two weeks after your purchased an item. I always save my receipts, check the Sunday ad, and then take my receipt back for an adjustment.

    For example, last week I bought my son shorts and shirts that were $7 each. This week they are on sale for $6. I went to Target this morning and got $1 back for each item!

  4. kristi_runwatch says:

    I just went to starbucks yesterday and got a code to complete a survey online- if I do within 24 hours, I’ll get a free tall coffee! yes, please! 🙂

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