Tips and Tricks – Check your Receipts

Ok, so your Mum told you to always check your receipts before you leave the store and make sure that everything is correct but did she tell you that:

** On the back of your receipt from every JC Penney’s purchase is a way to earn 15% off your next purchase. That’s a great savings!

** At Old Navy you can sometimes get a 10% discount on your next purchase by completing a survey. Sometimes after your regular receipt prints, another one will print with a code to do an online survey. As I’m an avid ON shopper, I asked about it and was told it’s every other person. No, I’ve never sneaked to the back of the line if I saw the person in front just got one! How could you think that??! LOL!

** You should always copy and keep your mail in rebate receipts in case something goes wrong.

Any more ideas?

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