Tips and Tricks: Cheap Teeth Whitening

Instead of buying an expensive whitener, use baking soda daily to whiten your teeth. Just wet your toothbrush and dip it into the baking soda and brush as usual. Yum-o! LOL! I guess you get used to the taste.

After brushing with baking soda, swish some hydrogen peroxide to step up the whitening power. Hydrogen Peroxide is a great whitener. When you buy a whitening product the higher the hydrogen peroxide concentration, the more whitening power.

It’s a lot cheaper to buy a 50 cent bottle of peroxide and swish. It will foam though! But please be careful… limit yourself! An overuse of Hydrogen Peroxide can mess up the normal bacterial levels in your mouth and cause “candiasis” kind of like thrush for adults. Makes your tongue look like it’s growing hair. Take it from a dental professional! It’s not easy to get rid of (may require minor surgery) So just limit the peroxide. 🙂

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