Tips and Tricks – Buying on Sale and Freezing

I know sometimes I seem a little crazy with the whole deals thing! But honestly I don’t go out for everything. When I see a cracking deal, I stock up and freeze. Thank goodness for the people who lived in our house before who left us their upright freezer that I lurve! Here’s why it makes sense:

* This first list is what they’d be if I just went to the grocery store tonight to buy them and are based on a family of 4.
Shells $1.50
Seasoning $.75
1 LB Meat $1.80
Onions $.79#
Peppers $1 each
Cheese $1.50
TOTAL – $7.34

* This is based on what I’ve got in stock.
Shells – Free from Meijer a while back
Seasoning – $.50
1 LB Meat – $1 from Strack’s.
Onions – I got 3# for $.79 from ALDI and cut them up and froze them. Total – $.10
Peppers – 3/$1 at fruit stand so I bought them cut them up and froze them. Total – $.15
Cheese – Bought 7/$1 from Jewel recently. Total – $.14
TOTAL – $1.89

Savings – $5.45

I do go to lots of different stores, but not weekly. I buy only what’s on sale and sometimes stock up if it’s a great deal. The numbers really do say it all!

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