Tips and Tricks – Buying movies instead of renting

One way hubby and I save money is to buy DVDs. You’re probably thinking, “They’re $15 each, that’s not cheap!”
You’re correct that isn’t but we have a couple of places we get them from:

1) Pre-owned ones from local DVD stores are usually less than $10. If you just watch it 3 times (or let others borrow it!!) then it’s cheaper than renting.

2) Buy on Black Friday. Each year we stock up and give them as gifts or keep them to watch ourselves on winter nights.


  1. will let you order your black friday movies starting at $3.99 NOW and ship them automatically that Friday. It really works as I have already ordered mine.

  2. question about the what movies are on sale and do you have to do something special I can’t see them? thanks

  3. We do netflix. You can get a deal for under $10/month, and there are never any late fees.

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