Tips and Tricks: Buying Cheap Meat for Non-Holiday Events!

This is the time of year to get GREAT deals on turkeys and even if you’re not hosting Thanksgiving, I suggest buying a turkey (or two!) and cooking up some meals. You can either freeze them for later or eat now but this is too good a deal to miss!

A word to the wise – most stores require a minimum purchase to get the good deals so think about what you need as apposed to impulse buying because if you do that, it’s not really a great deal!! (I’ve learned the hard way!!)
Here are where I’ve seen great deals so far:

Ultra: Norbest $.58/LB with $25 purchase. Limit 1.
Will match competitor’s prices if you bring ad.

Strack & Van Til’s: Norbest $.59 with $25 purchase. Limit 1
Will match competitor’s prices if you bring ad.

PayLow: Fresh turkey $.58# with $25 purchase. Limit 1.

If I’ve missed any, please let me know by leaving a comment.

If you’re wondering what to do with all that turkey, maybe next week Toni can share some leftover recipes!

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