Tips and Tricks – Best Time to Travel

I’m from England and my family is still there…….
We lived in Thailand for 3 years…….
These 2 factors make me pretty qualified to speak about best times to travel but I don’t have all the scoop so if you know something, please leave a comment and let us know.Travel tips:
  • When kid’s are in school is always cheaper so if you have little ones or ones no longer in school, avoid the school holidays and travel off-peak.
  • Tuesdays are the least busiest to travel on.
  • Don’t travel at the weekends to avoid the lines.
  • If you’re flying home for the holidays the best day to go is the day of. Fly out super early on Thanksgiving morning and avoid the rush and the expense.
If you fly at all, it is really worth signing up for airline loyalty programs. Tim and I have been members of United and American’s programs for 10 years and it’s taken time but we’ve managed to take free trips to Las Vegas, Alaska, England, and we still have miles left!* You can join United’s Mileage Plus program here.You accrue miles through dining, shopping and flying amongst other things. We also signed up for the United credit card which gave us 25,000 miles. Considering you only need that many for a FREE domestic ticket we felt it was worth it. But, we make sure we pay the balance off each month.* Join American Airlines here. There’s is similar to United’s except they’re in a different network. You can redeem your miles on any participating One World Alliance member. You can also apply for an AA card and get 25,000 miles.

* Southwest Airlines has this cool thing called “ding” that delivers specials right to your desktop. They don’t want to have empty flights, you don’t wanna pay high prices so they discount tickets daily to try and fill the planes. Check it out here.

There’s a cool comprehensive list of frequent flyer programs here.

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