Tips and Tricks – Being a Savvy Shopper………

Last week I touched on this when rounding up my grocery deals for the week but I’ve since heard that some people didn’t know this was true and I really wanted to touch on it again….

1) Being a Savvy Shopper means that you don’t have to buy 10 things if the deal is 10/$10. Last week Dutch Farms cheese was 10/$10 but even if you bought 2 packs, you would have only paid $1. Sometimes the deal is so great that you want to buy all 10 but sometimes just stick to a few. There are times when a store will say 10/$10 but $1.25 if you buy less than that. Watch out for those times but mostly it’s not that and really is it worth spending an extra $.25 just to get a couple as apposed to a ton? Which leads me to point 2..

2) Loss leaders are weekly sales that stores lose money on but they are their way of teasing you to come in. For example the 10/$10 cheese sale. Who just bought cheese from Strack’s??? In my training class a few weeks ago I got this comment – “I go in Jewel only for the sales but end up spending $100! How can I stop??”
When I see a great sale I try and picture where it is in the store and then just go in for that. Of course if I need other groceries that week I’ll go to that store where the best deal is for all my groceries so I don’t have to run out again. Make sure that you put the blinkers on and just run in for the deal you wanted so as to avoid the trap.
In answer to the above question, I just ran in for cheese from Strack’s as I was close by yesterday and it was such a cracking deal but I put the blinkers on and avoided everything else!

Got a grocery question? Wanna know how I shop? Pop me an email and I’ll try and answer it on the blog.


  1. I just wanted to let you know that Walt’s has their St. Ives 13.5 ounce body wash 2/$3 this week. If you still have the “$2.00 off any St. Ives product” coupon it’s free!!!! I had 2 coupons so I got both for free- the cashier will dollar down your coupon to $1.50.

  2. I am the General Mills Merchandising Rep for most of Indiana for Strack/Ultra/Town & Country/PayLow/ Wiseway.
    Please let your readers know I am in these stores weekly applying IRC's to Cereal/Fruit Snacks/Granola/Hamburger Helper/Yoplait multi packs.

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