Tips and Tricks – Bake and Freeze

A couple of you have suggested this so maybe we’ll do more and do a Baking Day. For now though, here’s a great idea from my friend, Melissa on baking and blessing people:

A while back I bought zucchini on sale, came home and made 2 batches of zucchini bread. I make them in small loaves and then freeze them. It’s great for if I have to bring a baked item somewhere or if I bring someone a meal, I can just grab a loaf of bread and throw it in with the meal. Or give a loaf to the widower in your church or an older couple that probably doesn’t do a whole lot of baking. I love to do this with cookies also, I throw half the batch in the freezer. It keeps us from eating all the cookies before they go bad and I can share them with someone at a later date. Cakes I often bake in 8×8’s instead of 9×13’s so I can pull half of it out later.

Thanks, Melissa!

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